Aadhaarshila brings to you the most simplified way to transfer money to more than 100+ banks in the country. My Remit by Aadhaarshila works on IMPS based technology to transfer money to any bank account in India, anytime! This technology driven feature of money transfer enables domestic money transfer across India via advanced and safe channels, while upholding privacy and transparency in each transaction

Steps of money transfer using IMPS
Now you can start your money transfer business with Aadhaarshila’s My Remit and explore a Fastest and new way to do business! Attractive benefits include instant money transfers which are followed by delivery of instant commissions.
Transfer customer’s money to bank accounts in minimum clicks
Online money transfer service for students
Our money transfer service can be used anytime, even on weekends and bank holidays. Leave aside the hassles of standing in long queues or filling out deposit forms at the bank. No need to carry stacks of cash with you and wait at the counter for, when you can do money transfer through Aadhaarshila to any bank; all that you need is an IFSC code and Bank account number.
Start your Money Transfer business