The all new cash withdrawal system by Aadhaarshila is an easy way to withdraw cash using you debit / credit cards of any bank, or Aadhaarshila Pre-paid card. Aadhaarshila provides a secure and affordable transacting channel, wherein you can withdraw cash, send money and make payments. Register with Aadhaarshila and enjoy cash withdrawals and payments across a wide range of services which can be availed at AES outlets.


Withdraw cash by different Mode
Aadhaarshila offers a multitude of services which are easy, safe and secure, and are delivered via sophisticated payment architecture. We are a trusted name which is backed by a wide retail network across the country.
Benefits for Retailer
Beneficial cash withdrawal service business for Retailer
You can also now partner with Aadhaarshila and start your own cash withdrawal service business. Within your existing Shop or Business Set up an Aadhaarshila kiosk or turn your existing shop into a mini-ATM, and offer services like cash withdrawal, and facilitate payments via credit and debit cards .

You stand to earn attractive commissions on transactions you do.
Make your shop/outlet a mini-ATM today..!!
Turn Your shop/outlet into a mini-ATM

Register with Aadhaarshila and start earning today!