Refund Policy

All transactions which have failed for any reason directly attributable to Aadhaarshila and Aadhaarshila has received corresponding confirmation from the payment gateway, will be automatically refunded to User’s bank account within 3-21 working days from the date of transaction and a confirmation mail will be sent to User’s email id registered with Aadhaarshila. Only the actual transaction amount will be refunded excluding payment gateway charges and all applicable taxes. However, for cases where User has received a successful completion confirmation but not received services, User is require to log a complaint by sending an e-mail to customer care Email ID given on this website. Aadhaarshila shall enquire the matter after receiving the complaint from the User and based on the enquiry may refund the payment.

In all cases Aadhaarshila’s liability will be restricted to providing User a valid refund to the extent of payment received by Aadhaarshila. Aadhaarshila shall not be responsible for any other claim or consequential liability arising out of failed services on our system.

User accepts that this refund policy is subject to all the terms and conditions as stated in User agreement of this site.

Thank you for transacting with Aadhaarshila.