Aadhaardharshila services for corporates

Aadhaarshila is a platform to engage and interact with your end consumers and enable long-term associations. We are a medium to gain insights about the needs and demands of the consumer in order to drive your business in a better direction. Partnering with Aadhaarshila enables you to dispense your own services digitally.

Aadhaarshila also crafts tailor-made CSR strategies that are in line with your company’s values, expertise and products.

We provide a well coordinated set up to fulfill your CSR initiatives by employing NGO supported individuals. We help you establish ties with NGOs, which train various underprivileged and differently-abled people and make them abundantly equipped to dispense services through Aadhaarshila.

We help you resolve your salary disbursement issues. With Aadhaarshila, you can issue prepaid salary cards to your temporary work force. You can simplify your petty cash engagements in the administrative departments with our prepaid cash cards.


Fully featured plans for companies, both big and small. We also provide inputs on corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, which are in-line with your core business needs, devise effective ways of engaging with the community, design social initiatives, coordinate implementation of programs and gauge the impact of your initiatives.

Scope of Aadhaardharshila


Why Aadhaarshila for you?

  • Connectivity to End-Customer: We will create last mile connectivity and help your brand to reach the End-Customer
  • We will conduct market research comprising of competitor mapping, Product and experience feedback, Price feedback and brand missions.

  • We also engage with corporate organizations to define their CSR strategy in the following ways:

    • Contemplating CSR strategies
    • Characterizing vision, mission and value system of the foundation
    • Recommending social initiatives that complement your corporate mandate
    • Conducting a stakeholder needs assessment
    • We recommend initiatives, which meet your stakeholders’ expectations